Privacy Policy

1. Collection of Personal Information

DNA Bank Retail Inc. will ask you to provide your name, e-mail address, address and phone numbers as necessary when you inquire about the Company or its products, or use a service of the Company. Such information will be used for confirming and verifying the users.

2. Management of Personal Information

DNA Bank Retail Inc. properly manages the personal information of our customers and is working to prevent information from leaking to external parties. In addition, the Company will take appropriate and reasonable security measures against unauthorized external access, as well as loss, destruction, manipulation, and other risks, and strive to protect customers’ personal information.

3. Use of Personal Information

DNA Bank Retail Inc. shall not disclose or provide customer’s personal information to any third parties without prior consent from the user, excluding special circumstances such as when the disclosure of personal information is required by law.

4. Security

DNA Bank Retail Inc. uses a special encryption communication technology called SSL in order to securely protect customer privacy. Customers’ personal information is encrypted and exchanged using this encryption technology.