Genetic Test

The purpose of genetics tests is to clarify the direction of future approaches to disease prevention and health maintenance, not for the medical treatment of a disease.

Just because the degree of risk is high does not mean you will become sick, and just because the degree of risk is low does not mean you will not become sick. The precondition for genetic testing is to use the degree of risk as a guide.

The purpose of genetic tests is to deepen the knowledge of a disease and decrease the risk of developing a disease to a minimum, and at the same time provide early detection and treatment by grasping the risk of the disease from a genetic perspective.

Take advantage of the advice and guidance to be healthy by acquiring the information described above in advance.

  • Predisposition tests
    • Predisposition test for obesity
    • Predisposition test for alcohol dependence
  • Related tests
    • Biological age test
    • Test for nicotine dependence
  • Tests for disease risk (Only available from medical institutions)
    • Test for lung cancer risk due to smoking
    • Test for pharyngeal/laryngeal cancer risk due to drinking
    • Test for high blood pressure risk
    • Test for ischemic heart disease risk
    • Test for cardiac hypertrophy risk
    • Test for arteriosclerosis risk
    • Test for osteoporosis risk
    • Test for Alzheimer’s disease risk
    • Diabetes risk test

*Please consult us about the test items.