Cosmetics/Convenience Goods

Using the cultivated human and animal cells, we verify the functions of the active ingredients in health foods and cosmetics.
We develop cosmetics from our original brand products to OEM products.

Walker Mate

Walker Mate uses a newly developed water-based formulation that uses a totally different approach from conventional deodorant products. The product dissolves into sweat, where malodorous bacteria grow, and the functional component instantly sterilizes them. In addition, the excellent persistency clears bad odors with every action.
The new formulation sterilizes by reacting to sweat and movement. The water-based product does not appear white on skin or feel sticky. The natural cypress fragrance is enormously helpful for feet that walk a lot and become extremely sweaty.
“Though the foot does not smell by nature, wearing a shoe allows bacteria to grow.” This is the cause of foot problems. Walker Mate eliminates bacteria however horrible the shoe interior becomes. Sweat mixes with the antibacterial distilled water of Walker Mate, which maintains good conditions without allowing the reproduction of bacteria even in the humid, hot environment of the shoes.
Chiefly available from drugstores.

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