In recent years, biotechnology has undergone rapid development, and the area is currently expanding into services for information, chemical, pharmaceutical to food, pulp, and textile machinery. The twenty-first century is indeed an age of biology.

Despite that fact, people feel that the term, biotechnology, is something far beyond their understanding and has nothing to do with their lives. The reality is that these services are used in the medical, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries for genomic drug discovery and genetically modified food.

Consequently, we began with the genetic preservation service business with the aim of providing more accessible, open products and services based on cutting-edge technology. In addition, our company was started to provide usable services, consultations, and information in an integrated manner instead of simply offering techniques.

We pledge to value the dialog and communication with customers and provide high-quality services as a corporation improving people’s health, health care, and ultimately the quality of life regardless of the field of biotechnology.

Biotechnology becomes meaningless unless it is available in a way that contributes to people’s lives. As we seek cutting-edge technology, we strive to develop and provide better services as a provider of concierge services in health, medical care, and information.

代表取締役 伊藤 憲一郎