Electrophoresis Experiment Kit

Using the kit, students experience DNA cutting and agarose gel electrophoresis, which are frequently used and are important operations in molecular biology experiments. We hope students become interested in the techniques through the experiments.


  • Study DNA cutting using a restriction enzyme and electrophoresis, which are basic techniques in molecular biology.
  • Previous difficult preparation is not required.
  • The experiment is very simple: simply mix and replace a solution.
  • For DNA detection, a very safe staining agent* (Mupid-Blue) is used, rather than highly carcinogenic ethidium bromide (EtBr).
  • Agarose gel has been prepared to reduce the necessary preparation by the teacher.
  • One kit includes five sets of samples (twenty samples in total): one set includes four samples and is used for one group (four students).
    • Because one set includes four DNA samples, one set can be used by four students when distributed to each student for the experiment. Thereby one kit can be used by twenty students.