Management philosophy

We offer health, medical care, and information services that are closely connected to the lives of people with the goal of realizing a free and energetic society.

We aim to become a corporation that consistently stands with customers, employees, and society to create continuous connections.

We aim to become a corporation that develops services as well as human resources.

We aim to increase the motivation of each employee to become a corporation that develops with the growth of employees to bring each employee’s ideas and dreams to realization.

The first principle is to establish an organization aimed at the growth of people within the organization.

Without being entrenched in the concept of fields and products, we develop and provide the reliable services needed by the society.

Our mission is to create services and technology that consistently yield satisfaction. We continue to possess the ability to foster employees who are capable of developing the best services and technology. We aim to become a corporation that continuously contributes to society through human resources that we have developed.